LightPoints™ in Motion RGB. Una tecnología innovadora que da vida interactiva a grandes y pequeños espacios.

The evolution of LightPoints™technology


When we think of a facade with multimedia projections, the first image that comes to mind is the iconic futuristic city of Ridley Scot’s film “Blade Runner.” LED Ideas® with its new product LightPoints™ in Motion turns that imagined future into a reality by using interior or exterior walls as multimedia screens with endless creative possibilities.

LightPoints™ in Motion converts glass from a wall into an intelligent medium for high-quality multimedia projection and has technical characteristics that guarantee its durability, transparency and luminosity while facilitating energy savings by using LED technology.  LightPoints™ Motion is a large premium support that in central locations in cities, with high visibility and traffic, makes any brand or message look spectacular.

LightPoints™ in Motion in simple terms, is an architectural grade glass with the characteristics of LED display.

With LightPoints™ in Motion, designers and advertising creatives have an unrestricted canvas to freely create and communicate their ideas. But not only they, engineers, architects, urban planners, interior designers, even audiovisual artists can incorporate LightPoints in Motion technology into their designs and projects, offering a plus of originality and digital innovation.

The advantages of LED technology are outstanding. It highlights the energy saving (between 50% and 70% if we establish the comparison with the conventional low consumption bulbs), and the durability that guarantees around 100,000 hours of ignition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that is, the sum of 11 years, and a versatile technology that can be controlled digitally from any smartphone or tablet.

LightPoints™ in Motion implements full color videos (1.6-inch pixel pitch, curtain wall system) while maintaining 99.7% transparency of the glass. It has a great durability since the LEDs are embedded between the glasses and sealed with resin. All without having to change the existing glass.

LightPoints ™ in Motion allows you to place moving images on facades, windows, transitable floors, canopies, custom structures … wherever you want to capture the attention of passersby or turn a musical stage or DJ booth is a unique and surprising space.

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How does LightPoints™ in Motion technology work?

It is a product of laminated glass. It is composed of a 4 mm base glass coated with tin oxide and fluorine (FTO) that is both conductive and transparent.

The circuits in the FTO surface layer are laser engraved and then the LEDs are connected in the precise positions. The cover glass is placed on top. It can be any type of glass but, in general, a 6 mm tempered glass is used that allows the finished unit to qualify as safety glass.

Between the plates, a resin that hardens with UV light is precisely poured.

The finished assembly is connected to the controllers hidden in an aluminum frame by means of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB) and then connected to the DVI controllers and to an external power supply.

The controllers determine the orientation of the panels and how the video files will be played through a series of glass panels.

You can create digital screens of small size or hundreds of square meters to display works of art, promote a brand or product, interact with the public or integrate into the infrastructure of the new Smart Cities.


  • Invisible wiring: glass retains 97,3 % of its transparency, nothing disturbs or spoils creativity.
  • Pleasant aesthetics and great impact: high luminosity and brightness.
  • They emit light on both sides of the glass.
  • The LED can be positioned freely inside the glass.
  • Custom design for each project.
  • It allows the combination of different functions in the same glazing: Providing protection against heat, cold, noise, fire and vandalism among others.
  • Easy installation and maintenance of electronic components.
  • Low energy consumption and low operating costs.
  • Guarantee of 100,000 hours on 24/7, that is, 11 years.
  • Developed and manufactured in a fully automated production line based in Germany, they are manufactured to the highest quality standards and both glass and electronic components comply with European CE standards.
  • Totally ecological compared to the luminaries that we currently know.
  • Technology that adapts to our lighting needs for its ease of regulation both in tone and intensity.
  • They offer a greater chromatic control with the guarantee of a minimum energy consumption.
  • Without potentially harmful radiation.
  • Resistance to vibrations.
  • 100% recyclable.