Would you like to become a distributor?

Would you like to be become a distributor?

We are constantly searching for resellers / integrators and exclusive distributors in Spain, Portugal and South America.

If you are an individual or a company with a minimum base of commercial knowledge and a good network of contacts in any sector and you are interested in being our exclusive distributor or simply reselling our products, please contact us and we will provide you with the required information.

We have made the LightPoints™ technology easily transferable and we are currently able to offer you everything you need to start a very lucrative business, practically without competition in your area.

What do we have to offer you?

1- A unique, innovative and patented products.
2- High profit margins
3- Fast return on investment
4- Opportunity to resell a complete solution (product + installation) to your customers.
5- All the reliability and security that only a professional and quality system can offer you with a guarantee of 100,000 hours on 24/7, that is, 11 years.

How can I be an affiliate / distributor?

Actually, it is very simple: first, you must decide if you are interested in a simple resale or in obtaining the distribution in your territory or sector.
For both options, you have to sign a confidentiality contract and fill out the distributor information form, there are no additional hidden costs that will be paid for being a distributor, since we will take care of the manufacture, design, supply and installation of the LightPoints ™ directly, upon receipt of your orders.

Fill in the form with your information.