Crystal LED-tainer™ increases the spectacularity of any multimedia visual idea thanks to its measures of 6 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m and a modular structure that can work individually or creating surprising structures combining several modules.

Crystal LED-tainer™ shows all its spectacularity in actions of Street Marketing, Hospitality Rooms, Brand Promotion, Product Launch, Fair Stands, Temporary Offices, Lockers, Pop-up Stores, Pop-Up Cafes, VIP Spaces, Information Points, Mobile Scenarios, Festivals, Study for live shows, Traveling exhibitions, VIP Areas, Free Wi-Fi Zones, Meeting Point Boxes, Kids Land Areas, Road Shows, Music Bars, … the list of applications are endless.

Sport Events

Information Areas

Pop up Stores

Music Concerts


Booth with upper floor

Music Events

Pop up Cube Store

Pop up Cube Store 2

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Hyundai Ioniq booth

Bank Promotion in the park

Pop up shop years if party

Booth with 2 levels