LightPoints™ a spectacular, subtle, modern and elegant solution with stunning effect.

LightPoints™ are LEDs embedded between two glasses panels that, thanks to their innovative invisible power supply technology, allow LEDs to float and glow freely, offering a variety of effects and images.

It is the glass product par excellence for all types of indoor and outdoor applications that combines harmoniously with the façade or any other type of glazed support such as a logo, graphic, image or other signage. Once the design is defined, it will remain intact over the years.

LED IDEAS® products give life and character to the desired environments, with sophisticated formats and an intelligent environment giving a new dimension to your creativity.

Our glass products are unique and exclusive, tailor-made for a specific project.

LightPoints™ lighting lets you add this point of differentiation that makes your lighting attractive.

Cristal doors


Office floors



Light signals in the rear window


Entrace Doors



Discover the various projects developed in different sectors

Centro comercial La Maladière, Neuchâtel - Suiza (2005)

We have developed the lighting concept for COOP Switzerland. We design, manufacture and install LightPoints™. The balaustrades of the mall and the elevator's high height cladding, we placed approximately 10,700 LEDs of different colors: white, blue and red. View video.

Monte LAA Casino, Viena - Austria (2007)

Stairs and balaustrades were designed with LightPoints™ .

Millennium Park, Budapest - Hungry (2010)

Unique façade design using LightPoints™ .

Expo 2010 - pabellón alemán, Shanghai - China (2010)

20 glass panels were created with LightPoints™ - recreating the Shanghai subway network. Represented each line with a different color

Solitaire Elevator Glass Cube, Europe Square, Luxemburgo

Restaurant, Old man la Chapelle, Francia

Shopping Corners, Shiseido, Paris, Francia

Mervis Jewellery, USA

Gold Souk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Shopping window with LightPoints™, Rasasi Store, Emirates Comercial Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Glass Stairs, Private House, Emmental, Suiza

Meeting room table , Business Center, Singapur

Estfeller Showroom, Bozen, Italy

Shelves of the Bar, Hilton Hotel, Athens, Greece