LightPoints™ are integrated LEDs between two glasses, with invisible power supply.

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LightPoints™ are LEDs integrated between two glasses that offer the innovative solution of invisible power supply with the sensation that the LEDs float and shine in the air, allowing diverse effects such as flicker, creation of movements and images, with a technology whose versatility allows to be controlled digitally from any smartphone or tablet.

It is a balanced mixture between transparency and points of light.

LightPoints™ offers a wide range of solutions that open unlimited possibilities to display creativity in lighting design. The LEDs in the colors white, blue and green, emit light in both directions, and the colors red and yellow, radiate only in one direction.


LightPoints™ consists of a base glass equipped with a transparent conductive layer with LEDs, polyvinyl butyral and another glass on top.

The power supply (low voltage direct current) is provided by an invisible conductive sheet applied to the glass and protected by a layer of polyvinyl butyral.

The degree of contrast between the illumination received by the object and the background illumination is what is called the accentuation factor. In places where you want to enhance a sense of luxury and exclusivity, it is essential to play with that accent factor, favoring contrasts (jewelries, boutiques, VIP rooms, showrooms, etc.). For example, the greater the exclusivity of the exhibited articles, the greater this factor is, even reaching the order of 30: 1.

Glass with LightPoints™ applied to decorative furniture is generally used to light or to decorate, in any case what this technology applied in the furniture sector does is an absolute personalization for the final consumer, being able to create shelves, lamps, tables, doors of all kinds, shower screens, spas, swimming pools and kitchens, etc.

LightPoints™ can be used universally in different sectors: in outdoor and indoor advertising – displays, stands for professional fairs; in the lighting sector; in architecture- such as transparent glazed ceilings, partition walls, shop windows, facades, stairs and walking floors, elevators, escalators; retail branding at the point of sale; in aerial decorations – guardrail glazing, balconies, cantilevers, pavements, floors, coatings; logos on the facade of the premises; in interior design and interior signage; in public equipment and urban furniture satisfies both functional and decorative needs- such as lighting, signaling poles, information kiosks, pergolas, charging stations, etc. creating an unmistakable image.

An example of this is the LightPoints™ applied at bus stops. In this type of solutions we get to replace the typical colorless safety glass with another safety glass with which to illuminate a bus stop with LED technology all in one single product.

With LightPoints in Motion™, we can display all kinds of letters, symbols or numbers. All this, with different colors and different sequences of on and off allowing to create moving images, with the exclusive advantage that all that information can be read from both sides of the glass.

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