A glass capable of creating unique effects and environments.

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It is a glass that captures light from an LED source and that extends it over the entire surface, thanks to a special process on the surface itself. This new technique allows the uniform distribution of the light projected on a previously engraved or printed glass, achieving a surprising and elegant visual effect as a luminous screen.

A single face of light reflection through LED technology recorded in infinite points. It lets 90% of the light to the outside, and a total transparency is achieved on one side and a privacy zone on the other, ideal for the terraces of the rooms of a hotel or apartment, where privacy is sought for the guests.


The exclusive treatment of the surface, with regular or grid-like patterns with small dots, traps the beam of light from the LED source and distributes it evenly throughout the thickness of the glass. LightGlass™ appears as a common transparent glass, while in reality it is a material with a strong technological content, whose applications have yet to be discovered and experienced.

On the opposite side of the glass a regular grid of small dots is produced. The regular spacing and the increasing size of these points, allow the LED light coming from one side of the glass, illuminate it in its thickness with a regular intensity.

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Technical sheet