LightPoints™ a spectacular, subtle, modern and elegant solution with surprising effect.

LightPoints™ are LEDs embedded between two glasses that, thanks to their innovative invisible electrical connection technology, allows the LEDs to float and shine freely, offering various effects and images.

It is the glass product per excellence for all kinds of indoor or outdoor applications that harmoniously combines with the façade or any other type of glazed support, such as a logo, a graphic, an image or other signage. Once the design is defined, it will remain intact throughout the years.

LED IDEAS® products give life and character to the desired environments, with sophisticated formats and an intelligent environment giving a new dimension to your creativity.

Our glass products are unique and exclusive, specially created for a specific project.

LightPoints™ lighting allows you to add this point of differentiation that makes your lighting attractive.

Glass is a decorative material, robust, durable and, last but not least, a hygienic material. This is why it is often chosen for public places such as airports, shopping malls, cruise ships, hotels, restaurants, clubs,, office entrances, waiting rooms, showrooms and luxury shops, etc…..

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Office facade

Outdoor light



Floor Terraces

Entrance doors


Discover the various projects developed in different sectors

Residencial Complex, F.Y.P Ltd (Nassau) Bahamas

Hemos desarrollado el concepto de iluminación para los clientes de COOP Suiza. Diseñamos, fabricamos e instalamos los LightPoints™. Las barandillas del centro comercial y el revestimiento de gran altura del ascensor, colocamos aproximadamente 10.700 LEDs de diferentes colores: blanco, azul y rojo. Ver video.


KlindWorth Stand

Diseño único de la fachada mediante el uso de LightPoints™.


Se crearon 20 paneles de vidrio con LightPoints™ - recreando la red de metro en Shanghai. Representado cada línea con un color diferente

Retail Advertising Sign

Berlin Park

Funky Bar

Sports Center Stuttgart

Bus Stop


Outdoor Floors

Mesa de Conferencias , Business Center, Singapur

Empresa Estfeller Showroom, Bozen, Italia

Estante de vidrio decorativo, Bar Hotel Hilton, Atenas, Grecia