LightGlass™ provides brightness to glasses.

This high quality “lightweight material” offers a wide range of applications such as glass ceilings and skylights, windows, shop windows, greenhouses, doors, furniture and shelving, staircases, partitions, railings, mirrors, shower/bathroom partitions, wall claddings, room dividers, entrance areas, meeting points, conference rooms, open offices, etc.

LightGlass™ opens up a whole new spectrum of design potential to compose individual and special environments in clubs, restaurants, hotels or offices, LightGlass™ can be used for indoor and outdoor scenographic installations or for any architectural application where light is the main character. In particular, an impressive visual impact can be achieved using multicolor LED technology.

With a wide variety of printing and engraving techniques – creativity knows no bounds, and a wide range of offset printing colours and the possibility of 4-colour digital printing make any conceivable design possible.

These glasses, in addition to creating luminous and spacious spaces, allow the light to filter, providing a variable level of privacy.

The printed glass offers an additional design touch thanks to its wide range of models adaptable to all styles.

Glass is a decorative material, robust, durable and, last but not least, a hygienic material. This is why it is often chosen for public places such as airports, shopping malls, cruise ships, hotels, restaurants, clubs,, office entrances, waiting rooms, showrooms and luxury shops, etc…..

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