We work closely with architects, engineers, lighting designers and interior designers, to provide them with a wide range of customized products.

Special things® is a company born in Barcelona in 1992, specialized in the distribution of technological innovations in the field of communication.

Mr. Juan Mateu founded LED Ideas®, being very clear that technological innovation in his activity would have to be constant in order to be competitive in large projects related to engineering, architecture, urbanism, design, home automation, computer science, etc. “Thanks to innovation and technological development, we have achieved that LED integrated in glass reach a useful life of 11 years, that is, 100,000 hours non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a technology whose versatility can be controlled digitally from any smartphone or tablet.

3 Reasons why LED lighting integrated in glass is revolutionizing the market in Europe. Innovation, supported by technological advances, is something cyclical that is repeated from time to time in all types of industries and sectors. This is the case of lighting with the arrival of LED. Since its creation back in 1962, LED has always been accompanied by multiple advances throughout its history that have revolutionized fields as diverse as bioengineering, medicine, architecture or design.

Now it has happened again. The arrival of LED lighting integrated in glass has been the last great innovation that has allowed designers and architects to go a step further in their work. The first beneficiaries of its arrival have been the large retail and hotel chains of the world. We tell you 3 reasons to understand why his arrival has been the biggest advance in recent years.

It opens a world of possibilities in the way of thinking and designing spaces and structures.

The LEDs integrated in glass have led to the arrival of 3 totally revolutionary products like LightPoints™, LightGlass™ and PowerContact™   that are already using major retail chains and hotel chains around the world to achieve spectacular results.

LED Ideas® products can be used universally in a number of different ways: for advertising – displays –, for the lighting industry, architecture – façade glasses, over-head glass applications – interior design, furniture industry, booth installations and for the automobile industry, etc…

Benefits that make the life of the user easier and aesthetic aspects that give new variants to designers and architects.

According to Mr. Juan Mateu, “while the online store deals with the transactional part, the physical store is the one that will take charge of the relational part, of emotionality”. Retailers have the opportunity to use new technologies in the physical space to cover this multisensory experience that is not satisfied in the online channel.

Getting the right lighting for your establishment is not only important to get comfortable and pleasant spaces, but also to make your business unique and different from the competition.

The future of our cities will be characterized by the interaction between buildings and people. We want to be part of this urban transformation.

Our commitment is to satisfy the needs and expectations of the clients to whom we offer high quality personalized products with a sophisticated design in which attention is paid to the smallest detail with a strong propensity towards innovation and change.

With this model we pursue 3 fundamental objectives:

• Turn Innovation into the strategic lever of differentiation of our offer.
• Orient Innovation to respond to the strategic needs of your business.
• Be a benchmark for Innovation and the attraction pole of Startups.
• Execution of high visibility LED lighting projects.

At the global level, many efforts are being made to change the current trend, seeking more sustainable energies with the environment and trying to implant them in our society, both at the industrial level and in services, and private.

At LED Ideas® we work closely with professionals in the sector, as well as architects, engineers, lighting designers and interior designers, to provide a wide range of customized products to be able to adapt to the specific needs of your client.

Our belief is that the innovative and efficient LED lighting, make a difference in our daily life and its high visibility and quality of lighting, provide us with balance and integrity in all applications.

In order to transform spaces into unique environments, our products incorporate the most sophisticated and advanced LED technology, to create unforgettable lighting experiences.

Creativity, innovation, excellence in design and the search for quality, in each type and scale of the project, are the basis of our work.

We need continuously maintain and expand the human team with new professionals, willing to collaborate in a young, dynamic company and leader in the sector. If you wish to become part of our team, do not hesitate to send us the Curriculum Vitae by sending an email to: marketing@led-ideas.com.

And if you prefer, you can send us the Curriculum Vitae to the following address:

LED Ideas®

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