It facilitates wireless light in the center of the glass, getting the "Wow" factor at first sight.


PowerContact™ allows positioning wireless light points in shop windows and showcases.

It’s an ideal solution that illuminates the exposed product and eliminates the cables from the windows, achieving the desired effect wanted by decorators and architects.

It allows to position wireless points of light in shop windows and showcases. In this way, the product on display is perfectly accentuated by wireless lighting.

Showcases, display cases, shop windows, lamps, or anywhere you do not want to see the anti-aesthetic cables, are supplied with electricity or information by invisible conductive film.

Due to the fact that no holes must be drilled in the glass to establish electrical supply,

PowerContact™ can also be used effectively for outdoor or humid applications.


With the invisible conductive film on the glass we can supply power to any low voltage application.

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Download the PowerContact™ technical sheet

Technical sheet